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About Us

Nestled among the mountains of Val Germanasca, Bardour initially started as a ski equipment rental in 2008. Founded by Patrick Peyrot, together with his sister Mara Peyrot and partner Marco Ferro, Bardour enjoys an enviable position, directly in front of the baby slopes. Its name has ancient origins and derives from the meadows on which it was built.

Photos from the collection of Roberto Turin (3,700 stereoscopic slides on 105×45 plates) are now housed in the L. Pinna Pintor archive

Bardour: una story of family and friendship

Mara and Patrick embody a passion for the mountains and love for their land. Coming from a family with deep roots in the local agricultural business, they have brought with them an authentic knowledge of the territory and a rare dedication to the mountains. Together with their partner Marco, they have created a place of meeting and sharing for the local community and mountain enthusiasts from around the world. Over the years, Bardour has transformed but has never lost its sense of belonging to its land. Reflecting the surrounding environment, Bardour is a place of authenticity, passion, and conviviality, the beating heart of the community, an oasis of warmth and affection among the towering peaks of the Cottian Alps.

Mara, Patrick and Marco

The owners of Bardour share their passion for the land and the mountains. Deeply connected to Prali and the Val Germanasca, Mara, Patrick, and Marco promote a genuine and respectful approach to nature and the local community. Bardour is not just a venue, but a warm, authentic meeting point, cherished by both residents and visitors. With a deep attachment to tradition and the surrounding natural beauty, the managers are committed to providing a sincere and welcoming experience, in harmony with the land and its traditions.

Bardour: From Small Rental Shop to Today

Over the years, Bardour has grown and evolved, becoming a landmark for both locals and tourists. In addition to renting ski equipment, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and downhill bikes, it offers dining services, musical events, and parties, transforming into a true gathering place for the community. Mara, active in social causes, has founded AMALE, an association proudly sponsored by Bardour, demonstrating a commitment not only to the mountains but also to the people.

Bardour in Summer

Depending on the season, Bardour transforms to welcome mountain lovers in all their diversity. In summer, it becomes the gathering place for hikers and cycling enthusiasts, the right spot for an aperitif after a trip among friends, a meadow where children can run and play while adults enjoy the view. Furthermore, Bardour also becomes the place to enjoy Patrick’s famous meat barbecues and participate in numerous events organized in the unique spaces of this location

Bardour in Winter

During the winter, Bardour turns into a paradise for lovers of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, freeride, and snowboarding. The ski slopes, perfectly groomed and set against a stunning mountain backdrop, attract skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The variety of slopes, from the easiest to the most challenging, meets everyone’s needs, offering fun and challenges for every skill level. Bardour represents the ideal retreat to gather after a day outdoors and share the adventures experienced on the ski slopes.